​Sin robbed summer from my heart.

The skies darkened and the aftermath 

loomed with bitter cold.

But its not the cold you feel on your skin.

It finds its way into your soul like a thief.

Winter, wielding tempest as its bow and hail as its arrows

Tore through my inner being.
I laid down prostrate

Under the deluge of Your piercing hoarfrost

The walls of my heart chattered

My body convulsed

Though trembling and naked,

I remembered my refuge.

Your name on my lips

A cleft in a rock,

Where I can hide from

This relentless blizzard.
I stayed there until I saw His face,

Brilliant and radiant,

Pierce through the cleft like dawn’s eye.

Forgiveness thawed the glaciers of my heart.

Shades of the violent sea
Dripping down my cheeks
Like melted wax dimly lit by the moon
A train going nowhere in the sunset
Drips yellow like eggyolk
Paints my soul but tears soon wash it away
A spiral staircase descends into a pool vortex
The hands of time spinning with it
I see an ominuous pair of teeth peering at the hole
Where it met my still gaze
Abyss gazing into another abyss
Equals infinity
If only each can percieve their depth
If only they were not blind

Experimenting with stream of “unconscious” writing

After winning a long fought battle,
My enemy pats me on the back and said
A good sport my friend! Shall we do it again?

When we stumble on a mole hill
He tells us its a mountain
When we fall into a puddle
He tells us we’re drowning in the ocean.
When we make mistakes
He tells us we deserve to die
But the best part is when he
Tells us we deserve an award for struggling against these “obstacles”

My soul is a barren desert
My love for you is a mirage

Hope is as faithful to our soul
As the warmth of the sun in winter time.

This world will not end with a bang
But with a whimper
While you are busy defending yourself from an external threat,
An alien force that terraforms your earth
Or a nuclear attack from a fellow neighbor
I’ll I terraform your heart and soul
My fingers will reach the dry canyons of the human heart and drown it before it asks to drink from that eternal oasis, and by the time you found it, you’ll be so full you won’t be able to tell the difference between poison and remedy.
But I’m merciful.
I’ll spare you from seeing this Earth die